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To Order: Call the OCADA office at (949) 428-5050

Labor Law Hotline

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Labor Law Poster Program

We know that keeping your dealership in compliance is a constant challenge, so the association has committed to purchasing and distributing all state and federal labor law posters and updates to each of its members. Never again will you have to decipher a myriad of confusing solicitations to maintain up-to-date posters in your dealership. We purchase and send our members all the most recently updated labor law posters free of charge!

Upon receipt, post all law posters at your dealership immediately, in a conspicuous place, where employees are likely to see it – such as an employee break room. If you would like to order additional sets of labor law posters or require posters in Spanish please call the OCADA office at (949) 428-5050.


Free Employment Law Hotline

As a member benefit, Dealer Members are encouraged to call the Fisher & Phillips, LLP Employment Law Hotline for free consultations. Comprised of nearly 200 attorneys in 18 offices across the nation, the law offices of Fisher & Phillips offer legal advisors with experience representing dealerships in labor and employment law matters. With this service, basic employment law problems or concerns may be resolved in just one phone call!

To access an attorney that can assist you with employment law questions, simply call the Employment Law Hotline at 949-798-2189. Be sure to state the name of your dealership and your membership with OCADA. You will not be billed unless the firm takes action on your behalf, and with your permission.

Areas of Assistance

  • Wage and Hour Law
  • Employee Leaves
  • Employment Discrimination & Harassment
  • Preventative Services
  • Litigation of Employment Disputes
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Labor Relations
  • Business Immigration Services
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Downsizing
  • Employee Benefits
  • Trade Secrets and Unfair Competition