OCADA Political Action Committee

The OCADA Political Action Committee is designed to support pro-business, pro-dealer candidates and issues in the county and local communities. It has become an influential political organization in Orange County politics. All contributions made by the PAC are recommended by local dealers and approved by the OCADA PAC Board of Directors.

What is the PAC?

The OCADA Political Action Committee (OCADA-PAC) is a vital part of OCADA’s Legislative Program. A strong and effective OCADA-PAC is crucial to help elect those candidates who recognize the impact of our industry on the economy and will work with us on issues that affect our members.

Why Do We Need Your Support?

Since associations such as OCADA are prohibited from using association funds to make political contributions, PACs are funded by personal contributions only. OCADA is however, allowed to fund all administrative costs of running the PAC, so 100% of the contributions made to the OCADA-PAC are used to help elect industry-friendly legislators.

Who We Support?

With the assistance of an OCADA-PAC board, we evaluate each city and county candidate seeking funds by a set of criteria including whether the potential recipient:

  • Has been recommended by a member in their city or district
  • Has completed the OCADA-PAC questionnaire
  • Has supported a dealer or business issue in the past

What Do You Need To Do?

To join your fellow members and show your support of the OCADA-PAC, simply fill out your Pledge Form today! To make an impact, we need 100% participation from all members.